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Episode #066: A Discussion About Ableism and Neurodiversity with Haley Moss

Different is not better nor worse, it’s just different. These are the words Haley Moss’s parents shared when she learned about her autism diagnosis. Haley is an author, lawyer, educator, advocate, and an autistic individual. In this interview, we discuss important topics such as ableism, neurodiversity, and some advice for practicing empathy in your therapy sessions right away.

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Episode #050: 10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 50 Episodes of The Autism Outreach Podcast

What a milestone! Here we are episode 50. I am so grateful for this show and the experiences, perspectives, and people it has brought to me! In this very special episode, I am sharing 10 lessons I have learned from my guests or along the way through this journey! I am so eager for you to hear what has really impacted me this past year. Stay tuned because the next 50 episodes are going to be even better!

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