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What I Have Learned from Autistic Adults 

How can you truly understand the world of autism through a child? It might be difficult because they are navigating their world and learning too. …

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Addressing Social Skills with Dr. Ali Arena

Episode #081: Addressing Social Skills with Dr. Ali Arena

Whether you’re neurotypical or neurodivergent, social skills are important. Dr. Ali Area is a “connection creator”, SLP, and BCBA with great tips for therapists, parents, and professionals working with autistic individuals. We talk about normalizing social rejection, pre teaching realistic social situations, and even online dating! For autistic learners from young to adult social skills, mindset, regulation, and connection based communication can be refined to suit each individual’s lifestyle needs.

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Episode #058: How Can I Support Older Autistic Learners- Strategies with Jared Stewart

Finding ways to support my older autistic learners is really important. Today’s episode is a stellar chat with Jared Stewart. He is an autistic adult and BCBA. We talk about some really great points for leading with a transition mindset as you prepare and support autistic learners to become adults. You’ll also hear about the incredible work Jared does for the Scenic View Academy, a residential program for autistic adults.

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