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Culturally Responsive Intervention For Autistic Learners (Maria Davis-Pierre)

Episode #092: Culturally Responsive Intervention For Autistic Learners (Maria Davis-Pierre)

“Culture comes into the room with the client.” Maria Davis-Pierre founder of Autism in Black is on a mission to empower and advocate for culturally responsive therapy. Maria shares her personal perspective as an autistic individual and autism parent and some great steps for getting started on your journey as a culturally responsive therapist.

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Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions (Dr. Ariana)

Episode #091: Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions with Dr. Ariana Boutain

I am a big advocate for child centered therapy and play based learning. Dr. Ariana Boutain of KGH Autism Services joins me today to discuss their clinic’s interdisciplinary framework and use of Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions (NDBI) that focus on play as treatment for young children with autism.

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Episode #065: Discussing Dyslexia with Jeannette Roberes

Dyslexia is an under featured but common disorder involving speech and literacy skills. Jeannette Roberes, an SLP, Software Engineer, and Educator, specializes in Dyslexia and is working to help SLPs and teachers understand how to assess, treat, and diagnose Dyslexia. Jeannette shares some great tips you can put to work in your therapy sessions right away. She also shares her advice and passionate view on embedding diverse inclusive literacy into speech therapy.

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Episode #064: SLP Services in an ABA Setting

Are you a new speech therapist in an ABA setting? Are you considering a position in a specialized setting? Today, I am sharing 15 tips and strategies for SLPs working in an ABA setting. I’m covering collaboration, coworker rapport, data collection, important questions, and so much more. If you love this episode and want more, ABA Speech has a lot to offer online for more in depth education on ABA and speech therapy.

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Episode #063: Working With Students With Challenging Behavior with Kelle Rich

In this field, there are many acronyms and phrases thrown around. You may be thinking, what do these even mean? Today Kelle Rich, trailblazer in the field, shares her impressive body of work and some great tips on working with students whose problem behaviors may be barriers to their learning. We talk all about the what and why behind FBA and BIP, and what to do in your therapy room with these!

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Episode #053: Modified Social and Leisure Skills for Middle and High School Students

Working on and perfecting skills that develop and are put to use across our students lifespan is so important. I always think about how activities used in my therapy room will transcend the classroom and impact my learners at home and in the community. Today I am talking about one of my favorite leisure skills. In this episode I share an awesome list of games and shared activities to use at home or in your therapy room. You’re getting all the details like how I modify them, some video models, and so much more.

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Episode #050: 10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 50 Episodes of The Autism Outreach Podcast

What a milestone! Here we are episode 50. I am so grateful for this show and the experiences, perspectives, and people it has brought to me! In this very special episode, I am sharing 10 lessons I have learned from my guests or along the way through this journey! I am so eager for you to hear what has really impacted me this past year. Stay tuned because the next 50 episodes are going to be even better!

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Toddler Language Development

Toddlers are adorable little people that are learning a tremendous amount each and every day. For toddlers with autism, language is an area we pay …

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