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Episode #074: AAC and Caregiver Coaching with Dr. David Rehfeld

So often, Speech Language Pathologists struggle to find the avenue to provide support to caregivers and one on one support staff when it comes to working with students with complex communication needs. Dr. Rehfeld, an assistant professor and dual certified SLP and BCBA is sharing all about Caregiver Coaching. A support system using Behavior Skills Training to teach and support the adults working closest and often with your learner using an AAC device.

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Episode #033: AAC and Autism with Anne Page

We should inspire and not require students when on our journey to beginning communication. Anne Page emphasizes this as joins me today to discuss her role as an Assistive Technology Lead and the importance of how we use AAC with our students. There is rich information in this episode on how to help every single student find their voice.

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Episode #032: AAC and Evidenced-Based Practice with Kate Grandbois

AAC is a special space that crosses over through many shared professional settings. Kate Granbois joins us on the episode today to talk about her job as an AAC specialist, the ins and outs of Augmentative Alternative Communication, and getting comfortable with the process. We discuss the Communication Bill of Rights and many other resources that can directly translate to knowledge in your therapy with AAC users.

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