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Episode #180: Road to Speech Therapist and BCBA

Welcome to the Summer Series! I’m going to be doing a series of solo shows on topics and questions I get through the summer, packaged up into bite size, easy to consume episodes for those of you enjoying your summer vacation.

Today I am talking all about my journey of becoming a dually certified SLP, BCBA a unicorn certification of less than 500 people in the entire world! Over my 20+ year career I’ve gained some wisdom and learned some lessons that I want to share with you.

I started my career as an SLP in a school setting. There I had my first opportunity to work with autistic learners and I loved getting the opportunity to see these amazing breakthroughs. But when I changed jobs to a clinical setting and my first experience with ABA…I was lit up. We were working with learners who had traditionally been difficult to reach and helping them communicate for the very first time. As a provider I felt true joy for these learners but also feelings of sadness that they had gone so long without access to their environment by communication when they really didn’t have to.

As I conclude this mini episode I share the time consuming course work, resources, and testing that went into becoming a certified BCBA 12 years ago. I share this with you because I believe in the power of ABA to create a world where all students have a way to communicate and access their environment.

#autism #speechtherapy

What’s Inside:

  • Wisdom and lessons from a 20+ year career in SLP and Behavior Analysis.
  • How did Rose become dually certified?
  • Time consuming coursework and resources involved in becoming a BCBA

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