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Episode #179: Review of the Huberman Lab Podcast on Autism

The Huberman Lab podcast is a popular podcast hosted by Dr. Huberman aimed at disseminating science to the masses. The podcast focuses on a variety of topics, but BCBA Carrie Susa Woodward joins me to break down the recent episode of the Huberman Lab with Dr. Karen Parker all about autism.

Dr. Parker and Dr. Huberman discuss the rising incidences of autism. Are there more autistic people than there were 20 years ago? The answer, yes AND no. There are a variety of factors that have led to more diagnoses in recent years, including more aware parents, a better understanding of development, a better understanding of social skills, and increased research and science on early intervention. 

We also touch on their discussion about early diagnosis and early intervention. Which revolves around brain plasticity. In the first three years, the brain is easy to change and adapt and is able to establish good neural connections. Early intervention can open up the world of learning for autistic children. While the topic of what inventions are best isn’t detailed, the most important takeaway is that no age is too early!

So how can we, as providers, help get these kids into intervention as fast as we can? Well, Carrie is doing her part with her course, Jump Start the Journey. This course is aimed at parents of young kids with delayed development on the waiting list for services. She includes information on research-based therapies, input from her 20 years of experience in the field, and modeled play exercises.

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Today’s Guest:

Carrie Susa Woodward, founder of Autism Jumpstart, embarked on her autism journey in 2002 during her undergraduate years at Pepperdine University. With a Master’s Degree and BCBA certification in 2010, she spent two decades supervising ABA programs, specializing in early intervention and play-based solutions. In 2022, Carrie left her role as Clinical Director in order to address the lack of support for parents during crucial diagnosis and treatment periods. Recognizing the underserved and time-sensitive nature of this phase, she created Jumpstart the Journey. This unique educational course empowers parents with play-based strategies, leveraging brain plasticity and natural developmental interventions. Autism Jumpstart is committed to guiding parents through the discovery, diagnosis, treatment, and beyond, providing invaluable support on their journey.

What’s Inside:

  • Rationale for early detection
  • Is there an age to young for intervention?
  • Autism diagnosis and incidences

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