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Episode #176: Summer Social Skills Resources From ABA SPEECH

I love Summer!!

Summer should be fun and functional, which is why I want to kick off this season with ABA Speech Summer Social Skills Resources.

  1. The Grocery Store Game – “I Bought ___” Fill in the blank game with visual prompts.
  2. Modified Uno – Anyone can play Uno, Check out the video model included in my freebie.
  3. Modified Connect Four – This is a fun way to practice and enjoy natural turn taking and game completion.
  4. Modified Scrabble – This one is for the older learners with letter recognition! For the rules, don’t miss the video model in this link.
  5. Modified Memory and Matching – Games don’t have to last an hour; you can shorten them with the modified version I demonstrate in the video model.
  6. Paper Plate Ice Skating – Merry Christmas in July! This is an action packed game to get you moving, with a video model provided!
  7. Scavenger Hunt – A fun way for natural communication and to get outdoors!
  8. Would You Rather Videos – Try these two fun “video” games with a vacation theme and a dessert theme.

This resource guide is jam packed with ideas, models, and tutorials to get you working on joint attention and social skills in the fun, summer sun!

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What’s Inside:

  • All about the Summer Social Skills Resource Guide.
  • Ideas and models for fun, functional summer fun.
  • Modified games ANYONE can play!

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