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Episode #171: SLP Services in an ABA Setting- A Conversation with Susan Browning

After 2 decades of working in a clinical long-term care setting as an SLP, Susan Browning was looking for something different amidst the pandemic. This change led her to her role in pediatric SLP in an ABA setting.

We discuss one of my favorite topics, collaboration. Susan, bursting with positive energy for the field, talks about how she worked to find her niche to collaborate and complement the work of the other providers and BCBAs in the clinic. 

With the large scope that SLP spans in the field, it is such a nuanced science. Susan explains some of her interesting presentations coming up to show this large scope, and she draws comparisons from her long term care patients to her pediatric patients with the importance of blending cognition and language. 

Enjoy this really positive conversation and check out the link to a special ABA Speech Connection CEU, SLP in an ABA Setting.

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Today’s Guest:

Susan Browning, M.A., CCC-SLP has been a practicing clinician for over 22 years and a graduate of Eastern Michigan University.  Susan has worked with a wide variety of clients, from pediatrics to geriatrics, with a focus in the areas of autism along with cognitive-communication and dysphagia in older adults. No matter the age, communicating our own thoughts and ideas, socializing with friends and eating our favorite meal–there is no greater reward than helping clients and their families discover that all things are possible in finding new and innovative ways for everyone to find their own unique voice.

What’s Inside:

  • Featuring a member of the ABA Speech Connection.
  • Translating long-term care experience into an ABA role.
  • Finding your niche when SLPs and BCBAs collaborate.

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