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Episode #170: A Conversation with Maura Weis – A Family’s Autism Journey

Maura Weis is the mother of two, a son and a daughter. The Weis family’s autism journey began when their youngest, Hannah, experienced early life difficulties, and then concerns with delays started occurring at 18 months.

Maura shares about their early experiences and her pediatrician visits. Even more concerns grew after a move due to her husband’s coaching career. As they worked through tests and possibilities, Hannah began school with an ABA program and received several diagnoses. 

Maura wrote Miles From The Sideline: A Mother’s Journey With Her Special Needs Daughter when her daughter was 8 years old as a resource for family members of families with special needs children. She also created the Hannah and Friends Family Foundation with her retired NFL and college football coach husband, Charlie Weis. Hannah, turning 29, now lives on the Hannah and Friends property in Indiana. There are 13 residents who have Daily Programs, Summer Camps, and After school activities. It’s a wide, open space to create a life. 

Among her experiences and family’s journey, Maura shares an important sentiment for families to embrace all experiences, even the difficult ones, because they are important learning opportunities for their children. You can find out more about Maura Weis and her foundation by reading her book, visiting the Hannah and Friends website, or on Facebook.

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Today’s Guest:

Maura Weis is the co-founder and Chair of Hannah and Friends Family Foundation, which she and her husband Charlie Weis retired NFL and college football coach, as well as NFL football radio analyst. Their charity started in 2023 to honor their daughter Hannah and all people with special needs. Maura lives in Florida with her husband, five horses and three dogs. She is active in working at Hannah and Friends with horse therapy. Hannah resides on the land with 13 other special friends and enjoys going to day programs every day, she is living her best life! They continue spreading the message of awareness and compassion for people with special abilities.

What’s Inside:

  • What is Hannah and Friends Family Foundation?
  • Maura Weis’s book for family members of special needs families.
  • A family’s journey through autism and other special needs diagnoses.

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