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Episode #168: Using Video Modeling with Dr. Teresa Cardon

In the age of smartphones and tablets, video modeling is more accessible than it ever has been before. Dr. Teresa Cardon dives into the research on how effective video modeling is and how to move based on perceived barriers.

Video modeling research shows that learners respond faster than with live modeling and you can use it to teach a variety of skills, including self-help, play, and imitation. Dr. Cardon explains that most barriers providers find for video modeling, time or training, are based on a perception that video modeling is difficult or needs perfection. Studies show that the model in the video can be anyone as long as the desired skill is being modeled correctly, the age or connection to the client has no bearing on the success of the video model.

To get started, decide on your target skills or actions to be modeled. Pre-film the action (although Dr. Cardon mentions quick perception filming of your own hands works too), play for the client, provide the necessary items for the action, and the hardest part…keep quiet. Dr. Cardon mentions you can do as many as 5-10 video models per session with videos that are 20–40 seconds long.

Dr. Cardon’s advice for listeners is to just do the video model! Don’t let perceived barriers stop you from using this super-effective evidence-based practice.

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Today’s Guest:

Dr. Teresa Cardon is a dual certified SLP & a BCBA-D and has worked with individuals with disabilities for over 25 years. Dr. Cardon is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas. Her research interests include interprofessional practice, video modeling, autism in the media, and collaboration bias. Dr. Cardon serves on editorial boards for prominent journals, volunteers in various capacities for professional organizations, and enjoys supporting educators and clinicians who work with unique populations.

What’s Inside:

  • Research and tips on the evidence based practice of video modeling.
  • What skills can video modeling teach?
  • How to use video modeling in your therapy session today.

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