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Episode #162: The AAC Trial Process with Brittany Schmidt

“We have to see learners as a part of their community.” Brittany Schmidt, BCBA-SLP, explains a major point of the AAC Trial process: having the device be effective across all of the learners’ environments and communication partners. 

It’s hard to stay up-to-date and fully understand AAC when you’re not working with it on a regular basis. In this episode, Brittany shares some specific points and ideas when it comes to finding the right AAC device for a learner and avoiding device abandonment.

Over the years, there has been an incredible evolution of access. There is more affordability and availability of devices and applications with unique features that can be programmed for diverse learners. Ease and functionality, response and consequence changing, power words, and realistic goal setting are among some of the great points Brittany and I discuss.

You can find out more about Brittany through Thrive Clinical Solutions or reach out to her via email. Be on the lookout for her talk and CEUs on AAC through ABA Speech Connection.

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What’s Inside:

  • Understanding the varying modes of intent to communicate, including problem behaviors.
  • Helping learners communicate across environments and partners.
  • The evolution of access to AAC.
  • Unique app features that can help a variety of learners needs.

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