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Episode #160: School Based BCBAs- A Conversation with Dr. Bruce Tinor

While schools in the past have focused on a consultative model when it comes to BCBAs, it has become a growing trend in the field for schools to hire a district-wide BCBA of their own. When you move from a consultant to an actual school employee this opens up a lot of room for dialogue. BCBA, Dr. Bruce Tinor joins me to chime in with this conversation.

Dr. Tinor agrees that hiring BCBAs is the right step but just one is not enough. There are certain roles in a school where 1 overseer is enough, but being an effective BCBA requires a lot of hands-on work and direct contact. If you do find yourself in the daunting task of being your district’s only BCBA, Dr. Tinor has some great tips to systematically attack and support your school. Even if you are the only BCBA employee of the school, find a community to collaborate and share knowledge and support.

Along with all of his wisdom and insight for active school-based BCBAs, he shares some advice that applies to even new BCBAs wherever they may land. Pair with your clients. This might mean students, parents, or even other staff but when you have paired up and built rapport, success and trust will follow.

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What’s Inside:

  • The role of a school-based BCBA.
  • Tips for working in a school district as a BCBA.
  • The value of collaborating with other BCBAs.
  • Advice for new BCBAs.

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