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Episode #160: School Based BCBAs- A Conversation with Dr. Bruce Tinor

While schools in the past have focused on a consultative model when it comes to BCBAs, it has become a growing trend in the field for schools to hire a district-wide BCBA of their own. When you move from a consultant to an actual school employee this opens up a lot of room for dialogue. BCBA, Dr. Bruce Tinor joins me to chime in with this conversation.

Dr. Tinor agrees that hiring BCBAs is the right step but just one is not enough. There are certain roles in a school where 1 overseer is enough, but being an effective BCBA requires a lot of hands-on work and direct contact. If you do find yourself in the daunting task of being your district’s only BCBA, Dr. Tinor has some great tips to systematically attack and support your school. Even if you are the only BCBA employee of the school, find a community to collaborate and share knowledge and support.

Along with all of his wisdom and insight for active school-based BCBAs, he shares some advice that applies to even new BCBAs wherever they may land. Pair with your clients. This might mean students, parents, or even other staff but when you have paired up and built rapport, success and trust will follow.

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Today’s Guest:

Dr. Bruce A. Tinor is a dedicated education professional with a wealth of experience working with students facing various challenges. Currently serving as the building Principal at the Career and Child Development Center within the Chester County Intermediate Unit 24 in Pennsylvania. Dr. Tinor specializes in supporting students with autism, behavioral/emotional disorders, and intellectual disabilities. His passion lies in the philosophical and scientific foundations of applied behavior analysis, staff training, ethical decision-making, interdisciplinary collaboration, and helping students reduce maladaptive behaviors and improve their overall quality of life. Dr. Tinor’s journey in education began as a special education teacher in the Allentown School District. He later worked in the Phillipsburg school district in New Jersey as an early childhood special education teacher. Dr. Tinor then joined the Washington Borough School District, where he initially taught early childhood special education and later transitioned to the role of district section 504 coordinator. Subsequently, he took on his first school administrator position as the elementary autistic support supervisor at the Colonial Intermediate Unit 20, overseeing approximately 40 classrooms. Following this, he served as the Program Administrator/Principal for the intensive emotional support program at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit 23 in Pennsylvania. Dr. Tinor’s educational journey reflects his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. He earned his undergraduate degree in Early Childhood with a concentration in Special Education from East Stroudsburg University. Additionally, he holds a Master’s degree in Secondary Education from the same institution. Dr. Tinor pursued further education at Centenary College of New Jersey, earning two more Master’s degrees – one in Special Education and the other in Education Leadership. He also obtained a Post Master’s degree as an Education Specialist in Education Leadership from Liberty University. As a testament to his expertise in applied behavior analysis and autism, Dr. Tinor obtained his doctorate degree in Special Education, with a minor in Applied Behavior Analysis, from Slippery Rock University. To further expand his knowledge and skills, Dr. Tinor completed the BACB-verified course sequence at the Florida Institute of Technology, becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Through his diverse experiences and comprehensive education, Dr. Bruce A. Tinor continues to make a significant impact in the field of education, particularly in the lives of students with special needs.

What’s Inside:

  • The role of a school-based BCBA.
  • Tips for working in a school district as a BCBA.
  • The value of collaborating with other BCBAs.
  • Advice for new BCBAs.

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