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Episode #159: Compassionate and Instructional Services- A Discussion With Dr. Erik Jacobson

Joining me from Upstate Caring Partners is Dr. Erik Jacobson. The agency works with a large population of individuals with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. Upstate CP is focused on changing lives with compassionate care.

During our conversation, Dr. Jacobson discusses how Upstate CP has reflected on their previous caretaking model, evaluating hand over hand crafts and goals that don’t last the lifespan. They have transitioned into an instructional model that builds strong relationships and creates a safe environment in a dignified way.

Dr. Jacobson shares how their staffing and teams have changed, starting with hiring their very first BCBA in 2019. With a focus on making their program less like school and more like life, they are making lasting changes that are going to positively impact the individuals in their care for life. You can find more about Upstate Caring Partners on their website.

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What’s Inside:

  • What is Upstate Caring Partners?
  • Transitioning from a caretaking model to an instructional model.
  • How to build strong relationships and create a safe environment in a dignified way.

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