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Episode #158: ACT and Our Values with Kate Nasuti

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or training), also known largely as ACT, is a relatively new premise in the field of ABA. Kate Nasuti who has been a BCBA for over a decade and in the field of ABA for 20+ years, joins me to discuss this important topic.

Kate shares her experience learning about ACT and how it’s benefited her personally, even comparing “ACT Boot Camp” to a yoga retreat. It’s that impactful. She uses this technique now with parents and providers, giving access to this incredible therapy via coaching with individuals who would not otherwise benefit from ABA. 

We go through some of the core processes of ACT: Mindfulness, Diffusion, Committed Action, Self as context, Values, and Acceptance. Kate describes some of these in detail, like Value Clarification. She uses this really beautiful quote from Michelangelo on his sculpture of David, “I just chipped all the way through the parts that aren’t David ”…to reveal that for clarification of our own values, we must just remove all the values that aren’t ours. 

Kate shares a ton of great resources, like the ACT course available on PRAXIS and Dr. Steven C. Hayes’ book, The Liberated Mind. ACT is such a beneficial addition to the science of ABA that I really encourage everyone to learn more!

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What’s Inside:

  • What is ACT?
  • What are the 6 core processes of ACT?
  • Who can benefit from ACT?
  • Where to find more information and resources on ACT.

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