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Episode #154: Prompting Strategies with Landon Cowan

It can be hard to stay up to date on research when you’re busy working with clients. That’s why I love being able to take these important topics and break them down into bite-sized chunks! Today, Landon Cowan, a Doctoral Candidate at Marquette University, shares with me his work on the research article, A Decision-Making Tool for Evaluating and Selecting Prompting Strategies. 

I think sometimes it can be difficult to see the importance of basic ideas, so we break some of these ideas down to their core. Landon defines a prompt as anything that elicits a desirable response. These are as simple as vocal modeling, visual cues, and gestures, and they are even more frequently used in everyday life with digital alerts and sticky notes.

As we discuss the types of prompting and the need for relevant prompting strategies, Landon discusses common inconsistencies and cautions for some prompting. Always holding the final goal in view. The research article includes some really helpful flowcharts to help guide and make data-based decisions on prompting strategies that are relevant to your learner. Landon explains the charts and the other supplemental resources available that can not only assist therapists but can also aid in staff training for a consistent understanding of prompting.

Be sure to check out the full article and find Landon on Research Gate and LinkedIn for questions and to follow his other work. Did you like this episode? Please let me know if you want more easy-to-consume research content and what other topics you’d like to hear about!

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Today’s Guest:

Landon is a doctoral candidate in Psychology at Marquette University completing his degree under the supervision of Dr. Tiffany Kodak. He serves as the Clinic Director of Severe Behavior for The Behavior Center in Dublin, California. He completed his master’s degree in behavior analysis at the University of Houston-Clear Lake in 2020. Landon’s research and clinical interests are focused on the assessment and treatment of complex clinical barriers that may inhibit or slow down treatment progress. He also has a strong focus on the supervision and training of professional skills and the dissemination of behavior analysis to others.

What’s Inside:

  • What is a prompt?
  • What types of prompts are available to use?
  • How to make data-based decisions for prompting strategies.
  • Resources and tools for prompting strategies.

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