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Episode #152: Early Intervention and Supporting Parents with Dr. Tracy Raulston

Family and parent support and education are so important, especially when it comes to our youngest learners. Today, I am talking with Dr. Tracy Raulston. She is such a bright spot in the field, with so much information to spread and a great project in the works.

Dr. Raulston helps me discern the difference between Natural Environment Training and NDBI. When we are working with young learners in early intervention, play-based therapy is so crucial. Dr. Raulston explains how NDBI utilizes developmentally based instruction and strategies with child development front and center. Providers using NDBI are using protocols focusing on social connection, sensory exploration, and speech milestones.

The Mindful Routines Project is Dr. Raulston’s initiative to provide clear and seamless tools to support parents and families. Being a parent is hard, and parents of autistic children are at an increased risk of stress. This project embeds mindful tools like noticing and validating thoughts and feelings without judgment and encourages parents to be more compassionate with themselves. As Dr. Raulston builds this project, she anticipates an 8-week curriculum for BCBA’s providing family guidance.

Families and parents are our learners’ biggest influences and advocates. It is so great to hear about more awareness and tools for BCBAs to work to support these important members of our community.

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Today’s Guest:

Tracy Raulston is an Assistant Professor of Special Education at Texas State University. She has more than 15 years of experience supporting children with developmental delay and their families in a variety of applied capacities. Her scholarship is centered on early interventions to support the social emotional development of children on the autism spectrum and with developmental delay. Within this broad framework, three overlapping lines of research emerge: (1) early social skills interventions, (2) family capacity and well-being, and (3) prevention of behavior problems.

What’s Inside:

  • How providers can support families and parents.
  • Are parents of autistic children at risk of increased stress?
  • What is the Mindful Routines Project?
  • What is the difference between Natural Environment Training and NDBI?

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