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Episode #149: The Importance Of Ethics With Dr. Linda LeBlanc

Things are bound to happen. Whether you are a new or seasoned provider, you will surely encounter an ethical dilemma. Licensed Clinical Psychologist and BCBA-D, Dr. Linda LeBlanc is on to talk about the importance of ethics, provider values, and her new book, Ethics: Proactive and Practical Decision Making for Behavior Analysts.

For many, your position in the field of ABA is the first professional role where you are officially responsible for the outcome of a vulnerable person. Your personal underlying values are important to decision-making when it comes to the code of ethics. Ethical situations in this field can bring questions to boundaries and relationships appropriate for the role.

The first response to an ethical situation is often a gut response. But Dr. LeBlanc poses the idea of how providers can be proactive in their ethical framework before specific ethical dilemmas even arise. She explains the big picture of her up-and-coming book in three parts that will cover history, values, and personal behavior, a dissection of each section of the ethics code, and practical everyday management of ethics.

Following the code of ethics is not about perfection; it is about being planned, intentional, and thoughtful in a way that protects you and your client. You can find out more about Dr. Linda LeBlanc at her website and read a preview of her book at Sloan Publishing. 

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Today’s Guest:

Linda A. LeBlanc, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Licensed Psychologist is the President of LeBlanc Behavioral Consulting and the past Editor in Chief of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Her 25 year career has included academic positions at Claremont McKenna College, Western Michigan University and Auburn University as well as leadership positions in human services organizations. She established LeBlanc Behavioral Consulting in 2017 and consults to technology companies, universities, and behavior analytic human service organizations. Her professional interests include behavioral treatments, supervision and mentoring, and ethics. She is the author of Building and Sustaining Meaningful and Effective Relationships as a Supervisor and Mentor Analysis and Proactive and Ethics: Proactive and Practical Decision Making for Behavior Analysts by Sloan Publishing.

What’s Inside:

  • How new providers may encounter ethical dilemmas.
  • The underlying values and personal decision making behind the ethical code.
  • A framework for proactive ethical management.
  • Dr. Lina LeBlanc’s book, Ethics: Proactive and Practical Decision Making for Behavior Analysts.

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