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Episode #147: An Introduction To AAC

Enjoy this free training from my new series, Communication Without Limits. In this presentation, I am providing an introduction to AAC. 

AAC is a powerful tool that can help learners communicate and find their voice for the very first time. I share a personal story from my career where AAC did just that. What an amazing feeling!

I cover important information to support SLPs-BCBAs such as the Communication Bill of Rights, as well as who to turn to for support when it comes to finding devices, programs, and collaborating in your district or center. Utilizing an AAC requires a team; this is the learners voice and everyone has to be on the same page, including SLPs, BCBAs, OTs, Teachers, Parents, etc.

How do you know you need an AAC? I go over the steps of a comprehensive assessment involving Case History, Ecological Inventory, Self-Report, and Sensory-Motor Status. Once you’ve determined the need for AAC, you need to determine the system that will optimize communication for your learner. This is an important feature matching process where, as the provider, you determine access, language systems, and the materials or devices appropriate for the learner.

I hope you continue to tune in to future free training on important topics in ABA. To stay in the loop, receive more in-depth training and tutorials, and connect with other professionals, consider joining the ABA Speech Connection Membership.

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What’s Inside:

  • What is AAC?
  • An introduction and guide for SLP-BCBAs in AAC.
  • What is involved in a comprehensive assessment for AAC?
  • Who can help with an AAC?
  • How to choose the right AAC.

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