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Episode #140: Becoming an SLP/BCBA with Ashley Whitaker

Today I am talking to a “unicorn”. Ashley Whitaker is one of the 505 (at the time of this recording) dually certified SLP/BCBAs! Ashley has been in the field for 10 years and shares her path to certification.

Ashley started her undergrad with the idea to become a teacher after a lifelong passion for helping kids learn. When her roommate suggested a course in speech, the rest was history. Shortly after her career began, she was exposed to ABA and began her journey to BCBA certification.

As prep for the exam, Ashley recorded herself reading The Cooper Book summaries and relistened to them during her commute, as well as taking mock exams and using the ABA Wizard App. If you’re listening and interested in becoming a BCBA, remember that the requirements are always changing, so be sure to download the BCBA handbook for the latest information. 

I actually met Ashley through ABA Speech, and she is a part of the new ABA Speech Connection CEU Membership. Her experience has shown it is a like minded group of professionals and a collaborative community. With the membership, Ashley has found a place to ask questions and learn in a non judgmental space.

As always, I want you to leave this episode with actionable tips to use in your therapy room. Listen to the end to see how Ashley uses Essentials for Living as a framework in her practice.

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Today’s Guest:

Ashley Whitaker is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has been working in the field for 10 years and is the Director of Speech at Lighthouse Autism Center.  Ashley is a mom of two boys, Eli and Beckham and enjoys spending time at the lake with her family. 

What’s Inside:

  • The career path of an SLP/BCBA.
  • Study and prep for the BCBA exam.
  • What is the ABA SPEECH Connection CEU Membership?
  • Tips for using frameworks in your everyday practice.

Mentioned In This Episode

Learn more about the ABA SPEECH Connection CEU Membership and Joint Attention on September 12th at 8-9pm eastern and September 13th at 8-9pm eastern.

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