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Episode #120: All Things Research – A Talk with Dr. Amber Valentino

When you are post-certification and become a practitioner, it can be difficult to stay in touch with the latest research. Dr. Amber Valentino, Chief Clinical Officer at Trumpet Behavioral Health, discusses some of the ways to break beyond the barriers of research as a clinician and make ABA research more accessible.

Dr. Valentino wrote a paper with her colleague, Jessica Juanico, on the barriers to research for practitioners who had a real desire to continue research during their field careers. This was the inspiration for her book, Applied Behavior Analysis Research Made Easy: A Handbook for Practitioners Conducting Research Post-Certification. Dr. Valentino expresses the importance and place for field research that looks different, may be less structured, and embraces the mess that is everyday clinic work.

I’ve set a goal for myself to read three journal articles a week because learning and disseminating information are important to me. Dr. Valentino shares some ways she recommends creating digestible goals to consume research, like “lit in a min” and time blocking.

We also talk a bit about public speaking. Whether you are live on socials, a podcast, an IEP, or a parent meeting, speaking can be nerve wracking. She says to prepare, practice, and know your audience. That is the best way to soothe your nerves and nail your talk!

You can find out more about Dr. Amber Valentino and her work by visiting the website for Trumpet Behavioral Health or checking out her personal website, Behavioral-Mom.

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Today’s Guest:

Amber Valentino, Psy.D., BCBA-D     Chief Clinical Officer – Trumpet Behavioral Health
Dr. Valentino is the Chief Clinical Officer for Trumpet Behavioral Health where she develops workplace culture initiatives, supports clinical services, leads all research and training activities, and builds clinical standards. Her research and clinical work span a variety of topics, including verbal behavior, ways to connect the research to practice gap, professional ethics, and effective supervision. She has published several peer-reviewed research articles, invited book chapters, and she recently published a book in partnership with New Harbinger Publications titled: Applied Behavior Analysis Research Made Easy: A Handbook for Practitioners Conducting Research Post-Certification. Dr. Valentino serves as an Associate Editor for Behavior Analysis in Practice and previously served as an Associate Editor for The Analysis of Verbal Behavior. She is on the editorial board for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) and serves as a frequent reviewer for several behavior analytic journals. She works to support the dissemination of behavior analysis to the general parent population through her personal website,

What’s Inside:

  • What should you be doing to help your clients?
  • Sticking to evidence based practice and research in therapy.
  • Strategies for staying in touch with literature and current research.
  • Public speaking as a provider.

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