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Episode #117: Compassionate Parent Training with Leanne Page

“In all communication, aim first to understand”. This is the first bullet from Leanne Page’s Parent Training Checklist. Leanne is a BCBA, parent coach, author, continuing ed provider, and mom of 2. In this episode, she is sharing some impactful points on this step to step guide for Compassionate Parent Training.

Did you know that a study showed just 40 seconds of compassion from a doctor drastically improved patient outcomes? Oftentimes communications with parents can occur only when problems arise or to update goals and IEPS but Parent Training is actually a monthly service usually covered by insurance. Not only can this provide better client outcomes but it can impact and support the whole family. 

Leanne uses thoughtful and clever tips in this checklist to dance the fine line of communication, covering goals and meeting them where they are at. Find yourself having trouble getting through a conversation with a parent? Use a pause wisely and remember, WAIT – Why Am I Talking? This gives you both a chance to reset.

With Parenting with ABA, Leannae offers membership and CEUs through monthly training and book studies covering empathy, compassion, and other trauma information resources based on ABA research. You can find out more about her and Compassionate Parent Training through her website!

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Today’s Guest:

Leanna Page has a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, and has been a BCBA since 2011. She has worked as a Special Education teacher in self-contained to inclusive settings, from elementary to high school. She has also managed a center providing ABA services to children in 1:1 and small group settings. Leanna has extensive experience in school and teacher training, therapist training, parent training, and providing direct services to children and families in a center-based or in-home therapy setting. She spends her time writing and creating trainings to help disseminate ABA and make it easy for all parents to digest and apply in their own lives. Leanne’s goal is to save parents’ sanity every day!

What’s Inside:

  • What is Compassionate Parent Training?
  • How can monthly parent training impact families?
  • A Parent Training Checklist to help providers.
  • Information on Parenting with ABA: Training, Studies, and CEUs.
  • Relating a variety of empathy, compassion, and trauma-informed resources to ABA research.

Mentioned In This Episode

Parenting with ABA
ABA Speech: Learn About Current ASHA and ACE CEUs

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