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Episode #113: Supporting Autistic Learners Who Use AAC To Communicate

When it comes to supporting students using AAC devices… Are you Intimidated? Overwhelmed? Unsure? Unprepared? In this episode, I am digging into my tool belt of 21+ years of experience and sharing my top 5 strategies to use to support autistic learners using AAC devices!

  1. Know this Document -> The Communication Bill of Rights! Be aware of this empowering document and print out and even share it with the people in your learner’s orbit. Listen in for some specific and important rights for our learners and their voice.
  2. Understand the Device: Sounds simple? Maybe, but there will often be *new to you* technology and programs. Take the initiative and the time to learn it and understand! You need to be an expert so you can help not only your learner but the others involved in their care. Seek out AAC experts in your district, find online tutorials, and get educated by company representatives!
  3. Model Using the Device: Everyone in our learners’ environment needs to understand that the device is absolutely essential. Model for other teachers and therapists so all providers can be aware and help your learner. Show how the device can be used across the day.
  4. Train Others: People shouldn’t be afraid of AAC devices. It’s a big part of your responsibility to make sure everyone is educated about a device, its rights, and how to use it. Tie it into compliance with the IEP. Try fitting it into PD, training days, or late start days!
  5. Keep Generalization in Mind: How is this important in a larger school environment? At home? In the community? This skill is important enough to take time to work on because it moves beyond the therapy room and will last across environments and lifespans.

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What’s Inside:

  • Tools and tips for supporting students using AAC
  • What is The Communication Bill of Rights?
  • Troubleshooting misuse of AAC
  • Understanding and modeling AAC.
  • How to train others on AAC.

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