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Episode #098: How to Become a BCBA – Rachel Torrance

Rachel Torrance is a BCBA, License intervention specialist, on the board at Milestones Autism Resources, and a Consultant working with parents, school districts, and private agencies to advocate appropriate services and achieve desirable outcomes. Rachel also happens to be my business partner at Supervision Academy, a virtual resource for attaining supervision hours to become a certified BCBA.

Becoming a BCBA requires coursework (as a master’s program or post-master’s), Hours, Supervision, Observations, Feedback, Formal Exam, and more. Supervision for a traditional path requires 2000 hours directly supervised by an experienced BCBA or group of BCBAs. 

At Supervision Academy we know becoming a BCBA is hard work and stressful, and finding a supervisor can be nearly impossible at times. We offer a virtual group of supervisors providing clinical expertise, behavior skills training, guidance, feedback, and more.  Additionally, we strive to provide robust supervision, tailoring your experience to your career goals.

When finding a supervisor for this very important piece of your certification we encourage you to cover all of your bases. Rachel suggests asking and considering these questions when interviewing supervisors.

  • Do you have a curriculum and are you set in this curriculum?
  • Are you open to thinking outside the box?
  • How do you determine what you’re going to teach and individualize?
  • What does a typical meeting look like?
  • What does supervising feedback look like?
  • What experience does the supervisor have? 
  • Do they have a contract?
  • What systems do they have in place for the supervising process?
  • How do they meet HIPAA and FERPA laws for virtual interactions?
  • Does the supervisor meet the rules and laws for the state for practicing ABA?

Please note that all information provided in this episode is current as of November 2022. If you’re interested in learning more about Rachel Torrance and her work you can check out her consulting website, as well as visit the Supervision Academy page to find out how we can help you with supervision to become a BCBA!

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Today’s Guest:

A practitioner in the field since the late 1990s, Rachel Torrance, M.Ed., BCBA, COBA has held many professional roles and often worked in the settings where consultations are provided.    Now a seasoned practitioner, Rachel has been providing consultative services for over ten years.  Clients benefit from the depth of her knowledge. Recommendations are practical and within the scope of what is able to be performed in those settings.

As a consultant, Rachel is working with parents, school districts, and private agencies to advocate that clients access appropriate services and achieve desirable outcomes. Approach is team-based and incorporates education and behavior analysis.

What’s Inside:

  • How do you become a BCBA?
  • How has becoming a BCBA changed as the field has grown?
  • What are the supervision requirements for becoming a BCBA?
  • What is Supervision Academy?
  • Questions you should be asking prospective supervisors.

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Behavioral and Educational Expert Services
Supervision Academy

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