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Episode #078: 5 Strategies For Toddlers and Preschool Aged Students

Is your learner difficult to engage? Are you not sure where to start? Is your learner not communicating? Knowing where to start can be stressful!!! I am here to help with my top 5 strategies to get your autistic learner communicating today!

Strategy 1: Create a Fun Atmosphere

Present a toy the child will enjoy. Play with the toy and use simple language.

(play dough, cars, musical toys, mini objects, etc.)

Strategy 2: Observe

What does your learner like to do? How is your learner currently communicating?

(Make notes about their likes, dislikes. Is your learner vocalizing, using pictures, pointing, pulling to an item, etc.?)

Strategy 3: Engage in Shared Activities

Connection before communication

(Reading a book, singing a song, playing with toys)

Strategy 4: Create a Positive Atmosphere

Positive Vibes Only: Use simple language, do not bombard your learner with questions.

(“Wow, I see a truck!” Vs. “What is that? What color is that”)

Strategy 5: Remain Flexible

What you planned may look different than how it actually happens. Adapt the skill to following the learner’s lead.

Now you can rest easy because that starting point is not out of reach! If you want to learn more including all about assessments, goal setting, therapy structure, tools and resources, join my toddler and preschool course: Start Communicating Today!

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What’s Inside:

  • A listen at Rose Griffin, of ABA Speech, most listened to webinar.
  • Early Intervention strategies for toddler and preschool aged students.
  • Find a starting point for formal or at home therapy sessions.
  • Help YOUR learners to Start Communicating Today!
  • Tools and tips for SLPS, Parents, and Special Education Professionals.

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