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Episode #050: 10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 50 Episodes of The Autism Outreach Podcast

Wow, Episode 050! This is amazing. I want to start by saying thank you for listening, this so far has been an incredible experience. 1 year ago, my own kids had a snow day and I had just finished up my podcasting course. I was super nervous but I came into my little walk-in closet and pressed record. Throughout these last 50 episodes I have learned so much and I want to share with you these important lessons.  

Lesson 1: Nathan Morgan, Episode 16

Nathan taught me that the autism community prefers the term autistic, rather than person with autism. School for a long time has taught people their first language with all disabilities, but this has really changed and autistic people are letting their voices be heard. It’s still important to ask people their preference, but the majority of the community aligns with that language.  

Lesson 2: Chris Wenger, Episode 17

Chris shared the quote, “How you do anything, is how you do everything”. I had never heard this before but it gave me pause, and really taught me to stop rushing through even the little things, and give my best.  

Lesson 3: Braxton Baker, Episode 20

Braxton uses a framework of 5 P’s for reflection on IEPs. These are Process, Purpose, Possibilities, Progress, Peace. Focusing on the person at hand and these “Ps” is so important, and I am so glad he shared that! 

Lesson 4: Dr. Mary Barbera, Episode 8

Mary shares her personal experience and journey in the autism world beginning with her son’s diagnosis in the 1990s. She has a book, podcast, and some incredible online courses that really help parents be their child’s best advocate and work on so much more than speech. This perspective is so important as a professional, to hear from parents and their stories. She is a great friend and mentor. 

Lesson 5: Kate Grandbois, 32

Kate and I discussed The Communication Bill of Rights. This is an incredible resource located on the ASHA website. This is such a powerful tool that anyone can access and it really reinforces the work we do as professionals. 

Lesson 6: Crystal Sanford, Episode 39

Crystal shares the importance and support an advocate provides for parents. It was great to learn as a professional what exactly an advocate does because it can be such an area of contention in the IEP room. Since this episode, I have actually signed up to start doing advocacy work and will be offering it very soon as a service through ABA Speech.  

Lesson 7: Kayla Chalko, Episode 41

Kayla is a play skill expert. In this episode, we discussed play milestones, including pretend play and at what age that is supposed to happen. One great thing she reminded me of is to take away the need to be perfect. Your lesson or activity does not have to be perfect to be helpful or effective. 

Lesson 8: My walk-in closet makes the best recording studio! If you want to see where I am recording, be sure to check out the recording of this episode on YouTube. 

Lesson 9: You can’t do it alone. Not as a professional, not as a parent, not with anything. Special thanks to my business mentor, my amazing assistant, all of my wonderful guests, my social and graphic design helpers, as well as the audio production team who makes my show sound amazing! 

Lesson 10: There is still so much to share. I have so much planned for the future and episodes that will absolutely blow your mind. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to hear a variety of perspectives that are truly so important. I have always loved to talk, so this podcast has been perfect for me. I love people, I love being around them, I love helping them. This show is an extension of what I really love to do personally and professionally. Thank you again so much!

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What’s Inside:

  • How did I get started with this podcast?
  • Lessons I have learned throughout the last 50 episodes.
  • Life lessons for myself.
  • A special thanks to all who have helped.

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