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Episode #031: Parent Training and Speech Therapy with Nikki McRory

The family centered approach is a key component of therapy at Nikki McRory’s facilities, McRory Pediatric Services. Nikki is on the podcast today sharing how she uses a transdisciplinary approach for speech therapy. She uses the Behavior Skills Training framework in her early intervention programs with both the parents and the learners.

What are the steps for Behavior Skills Training with parents?
Step One: Information
Explain what the skill you’re working on is and why it is important. This can be verbal and written.

Step Two: Model
Model and discuss this skill. While demonstrating the specific skill, talk about what you’re doing and provide further clarification.

Step Three: Practice
Role play with the parents to give them the foundation for the skill, but also allow them to practice with their child.

Step Four: Feedback
Be sure to let parents know what they are doing well, but also let them know what to change or improve on. Keep repeating steps 2 and 3 until they are where they need to be.

When working with parents, Nikki looks at the whole picture for the family. This means taking into account their cultural, linguistic, and social-emotional differences. Her formula to train parents is directly embedded into her early intervention programs. Every Friday, parents are pulled from the therapy to work on a new skill together with clinicians and will practice with their child in therapy the following week.

If you’re a professional feeling nervous about telling parents what to do, remember that parents are the expert on their child, but you are the expert on speech and language. You are in the best position to help parents help their child. Nikki leaves us with a special sentiment for parents about the long haul of therapy and the importance of self-care!

Be sure to check out the resources we’ve shared, I hope this has helped professionals get an idea of how to facilitate parent coaching and given some inspiration for parents to get involved in their child’s therapy!

What’s Inside:

  • The Framework for Behavioral Skills Training.
  • Robust Parent Training Component.
  • What is a Family Centered Approach?
  • Helping Parents Interact and Communicate with Their Children.

Today’s Guest:

After treating her first client with ASD as part of her graduate program, Nikki knew immediately that she wanted a career that involved working with families and children touched with autism. 5 years later, McRory Pediatric Services was born. Using a transdisciplinary approach to treatment, Nikki created a pediatric private practice servicing the vast needs of children and families in the Los Angeles area. From intensive center-based programs, to parent training classes and individual services across several disciplines Nikki remains committed to utilizing a family-centered approach focused on helping children reach their fullest potential. 

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