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Episode #023: Reading Strategies for All Learners – An Interview with Chloe Hill

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Whether you’re a professional or a parent, you can use these strategies from Chloe Hill in the classroom, in therapy, or at home. As a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, Chloe’s focused on pre-reading or emerging reading skills. She works with students to help them develop phonological awareness. For young readers, it can be as simple as:

  • Becoming aware of letters
  • Understanding that letters stand for something
  • Exposing them to books
  • Pointing out print while out in public

Chloe and I also cover some of our favorite reading strategies in the classroom. Chloe loves the CROWD strategy which stands for:

C– Completion prompt
R– Recall prompt
O– Open-ended prompt
W– Wh questions
D– Distancing prompt

What if a book is too hard for a child to understand? We also cover strategies you can use to adjust it for a child’s level. This episode is chock-full of so many early learning resources that can help any parent or professional who is looking for inspiration. Check out Chloe’s TPT store or follow her Instagram account for more ideas too.

What’s Inside:

  • A book can be a window or a mirror into a different world, and we should consider the diversity of our literature collection for the
    children we teach.
  • How Chloe uses the CROWD technique to teach different reading concepts throughout a story.
  • We should be mindful that reading progress looks different for everyone.
  • How is reading development taught to children with complex communication needs?

Today’s Guest:

Chloe Hill is a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist from Southern California. She works in a private clinic where she sees kids ages 2-17 years of age. She loves early language and literacy, themed activities, and play-based therapy.

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