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SLP In An ABA Setting Mentorship

By Rosemarie Griffin

Are you an SLP working in an ABA setting? I know some of you are reading this screaming, yes that’s me! I have received so many questions about navigating being an SLP in an ABA setting, so it is time that we talk about a new offering just for you! I am so proud and excited to have a new mentorship available soon! Being an SLP and a BCBA myself has prepared me to guide you, explicitly with confidence, to ensure success! Read on to hear a little more about this new option and an informational session October 17th! 


SLP in an ABA Setting

Speech therapists are so patient and the work is so rewarding, but oftentimes working as a speech therapist in an ABA setting is quite frankly a little overwhelming. Relationships between SLPs and BCBAs are a cornerstone of providing the best speech instruction, but that in itself may be a need you have in your current role! 

I have received so many questions around this topic including this one from an ABA Speech community member: 

“I’m currently the only SLP in the clinic and this is only my third year in the field. I love listening to your podcast and learning about the collaboration between SLPs and BCBAs! It’s really helpful, but there are some more specific questions I have about the collaboration.  Being the only SLP in the clinic, I have the ability to advise the BCBAs about how I want them to target communication in sessions, but I would like another opinion and advice on how to implement this in sessions? I look forward to hearing from you!!”

Questions like these made me realize the real need for a mentorship program for SLPs in an ABA setting. This is a real need amongst our profession and I am excited to bring this plan to ABA Speech and continue helping professionals grow and succeed today, tomorrow, and in the future. SLPs can feel very alone, stressed, and sometimes even desperate for help in this setting. I am both an SLP and BCBA, so through this mentorship I will guide SLPs in navigating the ABA setting and go from drowning in the overwhelming environment to extremely confident and flourishing in the SLP career! 

Informational Webinar October 17th at 8PM.

If this is all resonating with you, come join me for the informational session on October 19th at 8PM. Eastern time. This is a brand-new addition to ABA Speech and I am proud to be able to bring my expertise to a new group of specific individuals that are making a difference in student lives everyday. Take a minute and register by clicking this link.

This informational webinar will be informative for all SLPs including school-based and clinical SLPs. This webinar is also perfect for any clinic owner looking for guidance or support for the SLPs working for you!  This will be a 20 minute informational session about the program and of course time for questions and answers to ensure you have all of the information about the mentorship and what is included.

I look forward to seeing you at the informational meeting on October 17th at 8PM. Eastern time! I know this mentorship is going to be so incredibly beneficial for SLPs working in ABA settings and navigating a different environment. Come ready with your questions and we will start this mentorship soon! Click this link to register for the informational session today! 


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