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The Advanced Language Learner Course

By Rosemarie Griffin

I am so thrilled to share with you our new course here at ABA Speech! I cannot wait to share with you a sneak peek of the course that will be launching in September!

The Advanced Language Learner Course Amplify their voice.

Learn an engaging combination of innovative speech therapies and ABA principles and — Make meaningful progress with autistic students.

Access practical how-tos that work.

Know how to effectively assess students as they grow in their skills.

Feel comfortable collaborating with other professionals for your students’ benefit.

Develop expressive and receptive language skills.

Strengthen social skills while respecting students’ individuality.

Feel confident sharing your expertise during IEP meetings.

See measurable improvement in your students’ communication skills.

Have a plan for exactly what to work on in every session.

Create effective group interventions.

The Advanced Language Learner Curriculum

5 hours of on-demand instruction, 5 downloadable resources,

9 demonstration videos

It’s such a joy to see autistic learners spontaneously communicating. But some kids plateau with only a few words or phrases, and it can be tough to find a way forward. The Advanced Language Learner gives you a proven, easy-to-follow, and fully customizable framework so your students can take the next steps on their communication journey.

When you enroll in The Advanced Language Learner, you can expect to receive:

The knowledge & tools you need.

Get guidance that’s both grounded in research and immediately actionable.

The child-centered approach you want.

Know how to apply ABA principles while still honoring autistic students’ individuality.

The community support you crave.

Access an exclusive online community of professionals and parents.

Course Bonuses

Advanced Language Learner Goal Bank: Real-life examples of specific, measurable goals for expressive language, receptive language, play skills, and imitation.

Adaptive Books: Finally have an easy, no-prep group activity you can customize for individual students’ language level.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls: Ask your most pressing questions and get expert guidance so you can find your way forward.

ASHA- and ACE-approved CEUs: Get .5 ASHA CEUs and 5 ACE CEUs at no additional cost when you complete a short course quiz.

Feel supported in your work.

Too many professional development courses are frustratingly theoretical. And if you need help actually applying what you’ve learned, there’s nowhere to turn. 
That’s why your Advanced Language Learner purchase includes exclusive access to my online community, along with monthly group coaching sessions.


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Here's a free resource–

IEP Goal Bank

Writing IEPs for autistic learners can feel daunting.

From this free download, you'll get real-life examples of specific, measurable goals for expressive language, receptive language, play skills, and imitation.

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