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Back To School Speech Therapy Lessons

By Rosemarie Griffin

Looking for some ideas for back to school therapy lessons? ABA Speech has you covered! Back to school brings so many changes, emotions, and of course back to school speech therapy lessons! Get prepared for those first few back to school lessons with a FREE resource that you can access and use right away! No need to worry about planning for those back to school speech therapy lessons, just go to the bottom of this blog to get your FREE copy today! Also available is a speech therapy lesson opportunity for older students. Keep reading to find out more about the back to school speech therapy lessons that are ready for you to use today! 

Want to know more about the FREE resource? Let’s jump in and talk about this resource that is perfect for back to school therapy sessions. The FREE resource is the Back to School Adapted Book! It is the perfect companion to back to school and all you need to do is go to the bottom of the page to grab yours today! The Back to School Book includes real life images about going back to school, like buying supplies and new clothes, riding the bus and so many more! All of the images are relatable and real making them perfect for your autistic students. The book also includes Fill in the Blank questions that students can use the images to help them answer and some Social Questions for a little more interaction.

This FREE Back to School Book is perfect for making students feel comfortable coming back to school and meeting new teachers and seeing old friends. The Fill in the Blank is perfect for students to use the images and add their own ideas. The Social Questions are really great for opening up more opportunities for conversation and getting back into the therapy sessions at school! The Back to School Adapted Book is really an incredible opportunity to open up the communication right away in a meaningful way! Remember to grab your copy at the bottom of the page! 

Looking for something for your older students? We also have the Back to School Survey For Older Students available on TpT right now! This also includes some incredible social questions to get the conversation flowing between the students. There are also four surveys included. The surveys are great for peer to peer or peer to adult conversations. The questions are all about back to school to get everyone back into the swing of school days again! This will definitely help structure your practice on social skills and is totally perfect for back to school! Still on the fence? Take a look at what Patricia W said after her purchase: “Thank you for sharing your talents.  This will be helpful with my students.” Time to jump over to TpT and grab yours today! 

Don’t let Back to School be overwhelming for everyone. Take advantage of the FREE Back to School Adapted Book at the end of this blog and be prepared for the new school year! Head over to TpT and grab the Back to School Survey for Middle and High School Students too! Make your back to school just a little easier with these resources and enjoy getting to know your students in therapy lessons! Good luck on your first day back!


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