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SLP services in an ABA setting – April 12, 2022

By Rosemarie Griffin

ASHA Approved ABA Speech Course!

Do you work in an ABA program? Are you an SLP looking for some guidance? You have come to the right place! I will be offering an ASHA approved webinar course on April 12th at 8pm ET.  I know working in an ABA program can be tremendously overwhelming at first! I have firsthand knowledge from working for 20 years as an SLP and over 15 years in an ABA setting! I  am incredibly excited and ready to share my experience with all of you! Don’t miss the chance to register for this jam packed course because it will be LIVE, with a question and answer session included! This course on April 12th is specifically for those SLPs working in ABA programs and looking for some insight into navigating all of the working parts! Join me for my actionable strategies that you can start using today! The registry is open so you don’t miss this ASHA approved ABA speech course! Sign up today!

Want to know a little more about the course before joining me live?

First, the LIVE webinar will only be live and I will be available for questions and answers at the end of the webinar. I am so excited to be able to share my years of experience working in ABA settings. We will start our discussion by defining your role as an SLP in an ABA setting. It varies from working other places as a SLP. An ABA center may be offering outside services or a child may be getting all of their academics in the setting and it will be a good deal to navigate! 

ABA settings will be full of knowledgeable staff and a variety of professionals. Knowing the roles of everyone in the center is going to be a game changer. We will be talking about building rapport with the staff too! The lovely individuals working in ABA settings are all going to have different roles within the lives of the students and understanding the setting and building relationships will help your job run much more smoothly on a daily basis. Sign up for the webinar today so you don’t miss the chance to dive into some great ways to understand the who and what of ABA settings! 

Your role in the ABA setting must be clear. In the webinar, we will dive into some ways to think about building rapport and making sure you understand your position within the setting. There is so much to think about- are you a private contractor or staff? Who does the billing? What training and assessments do they provide? Is there a behavior plan? Knowing behavioral barriers is of uber importance in an ABA setting. 

The live webinar will also provide a ton of actionable strategies about working in a collaborative way. Working as a team is a game changer when there are multiple stakeholders in a child’s life, including communicating openly with parents and families too. Remember you are an expert in your field, but working with others with different degrees of expertise is going to require you to learn how to work in a collaborative way to do the best by the students involved.

Data will be discussed too! Data is such an ultimate tool and remember there will be multiple individuals taking and collaborating on data also! Tune in to hear my thoughts and strategies around data tracking and the best ways to use data effectively in an ABA setting. Analyzing data is everything! Streamlining data collection and using a shared view with a narrow focus will be guideposts for data collection. In the webinar, we will talk about goal setting, shared goals, and role expectations. 
Sign up today so you don’t miss out on this live webinar. Remember it is an ASHA approved course too! The question and answer section will be of value to anyone looking for a specific answer. I can’t wait to share my years of experience with you on April 12 at 8PM. ET. See you there! 


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