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Top 5 Life Skills Resources

By Rosemarie Griffin

Life skills are critical for everyone. One must be able to effectively communicate in vocational settings, school settings, leisure settings, and community settings. When working with older autistic learners, life skills become of huge importance in helping individuals prepare for the road ahead. It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of a person’s life and to watch them grow and succeed after spending so much time working together! If you are working with middle or high school students or adults, or are looking for some ideas for your own older children, these top 5 life skills resources are here for you!

  1. Life Skills Goal Bank!

Take the stress out of IEP planning with this well-loved, easy to use Life Skills Goal Bank from ABA Speech. Focusing on vocational skills and the social skills that are used in a vocational environment are life long life skills. This Life Skills Goal Bank will take the mystery out of obtainable life goals, for differentiation or for IEP goals. It is clearly broken up into social language skills, receptive language skills and expressive language skills. The Life Skills Goal Bank uses vocational items and actions, leisure activities, and school environments to cover all the possible goals you will need! Check out the Life Skills Goal Bank here and download it today! 

  1. Double Up Life Skills Game!

Using games in therapy is so rewarding for everyone involved. Engagement soars, our autistic learners are using functional language and receptive language. Double Up Life Skills Game is no prep, and great for mixed groups! The game includes real life images and with functional leisure nouns and leisure actions along with hygiene nouns and actions. The game can be played with 4 players or can be adapted all the way down to 1! Double Up Life Skills is a game where our autistic learners match pictures from a card deck to their game card. To challenge our autistic learners a bit more, have them match by association. Include others in the game by having students pass the card to the person who has the match, if they do not. Double Up Life Skills Game is available through ABA Speech today! Check out this YouTube video to see the game yourself right now!

  1. Special Education with Pat! Pizza Time! 

Another great resource for life skills is this YouTube video by Pat Noonan of Special Education with Pat. It is a great video about making a snack! Pat is hungry and decides to make some pizza! The video even includes three free downloadable worksheets to go with the video. The Boardmaker images in the video make it clear, and engaging for our autistic learners. In the video a ton of language is discussed using the Boardmaker images. Pat is a great teacher and really welcomes his audience into his kitchen! Here is an easy link to get to this YouTube video right now! 

  1. Vocational Skills Workbook! 

This incredible workbook is available through ABA Speech on Teachers Pay Teachers right now! Vocational Skills Workbook is an asset to working on life skills with our autistic learners. The workbook is over 100 pages of functional content for our older learners. The workbook features reading passages, real life images, fill in the blanks, reading comprehension questions, social questions and even extension activities. The workbook has opportunities for conversation about the topics and extra practice with the extension activities. The topics range from finding a job, job interviews, going to a restaurant, housekeeping or the library. The Vocational Skills Workbook is available now! Check it out here

  1. News2You!

News2You is another incredible tool out there and readily available for our autistic learners. This incredible program is built to provide opportunities for autistic learners to engage with current events. The program is a weekly current events newspaper that uses symbols and even has a text to read option. It is differentiated for your students and ready to use right away. It is interactive and provides a variety of topics. Students work through comprehension with context in the real world, but with accessibility. News2You also helps autistic learners with critical thinking, forming opinions, and communication skills to share those valuable opinions. News2You is a valuable resource for life skills! Check it out here!

Life skills resources for our autistic learners are such huge assets for our autistic learners and when you find exactly what you need, the feeling is tremendous. Thankfully, finding resources just got a little easier! Check them all out and decide what works for your autistic learners. Most importantly, giving your autistic learners practice with life skills is such a huge part of preparing them for their roads ahead. Try all of the top 5 life skills resources or try a few! I hope to hear your success stories with these useful, ready to use resources you can use today!


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