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By Rosemarie Griffin

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed and frustrated about supporting all of your autistic learners in 2022? Are you looking for a roadmap to navigate through supporting your school aged autistic learners? There is no reason to worry because this all NEW masterclass, that you can register for now, is full of strategies you can use to support autistic learners right now! Registration for this masterclass titled,  Strategies in 2022 To Reach Your Autistic Students, is simple and when you join us live, there is an incredible FREE adapted book that you will receive! 

The Details!

The Masterclass is all about the best strategies in 2022 to reach your autistic students. When you tune into the Masterclass we will discuss strategies to increase the benefits of your therapy session and help your autistic learners grow exponentially! This is exactly what you need if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or unsure about where to start with your school aged autistic learners. You will walk away with some ready to use strategies and build your confidence in your trade! 

Some of the topics include: 

  • Learn How To Structure Your Therapy Sessions– Structure is the backbone of every therapy session. Our autistic learners (and therapists) need to know what to expect in each session and strategies for structure is a great starting point! 
  • Learn How to Support Students Who Engage in Behavior That is A Barrier To Learning- We have all been there. Behavior is often a barrier, but it cannot stop the learning! 
  • Learn How To Increase Student Engagement In Therapy- Engagement is vital to success in therapy. Remember the more engaged, the more the school aged children want to participate! 


The Masterclass will be taking place on 3 different dates, all LIVE! Each Masterclass will run for 45 minutes and there will be time for questions at the end! Choose the date that works for you!

January 25th at 8pm Eastern time

January 26th at 4pm Eastern time

February 1st at 4pm Eastern time

FREE Adapted Book! 

When you attend live and stay for the Masterclass you get a free adapted book, “Things I Do For Fun!” This added benefit will help jumpstart your planning after attending the masterclass! 

This LIVE Masterclass Strategies in 2022 To Reach Your Autistic Students is the perfect way to start building ideas around your therapy sessions. Remember to check it out and attend live to receive your free adapted book! This is all new information!  You won’t want to miss this!


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