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AAC BONUS with Help Me Find My Voice

By Rosemarie Griffin

ABA Speech offers so many different opportunities for guiding you to help the children with autism in your life. There are opportunities to grow in your knowledge, resources, and professionally for anyone trying to improve the lives of children with autism. Whether you are a parent, therapist, or special education teacher, ABA Speech has something for you! My signature course Help Me Find My Voice is ASHA approved, 5 hours and self paced! The best part though is if you sign up for the course Help Me Find My Voice right now until February 2, 2022, there will be a BONUS! The bonus is brand NEW! Grab your copy of the bonus course, AAC Classroom Based Group Therapy Strategies today when you come join us in your SLP journey and join in Help Me Find My Voice! Now is the time to feel ready to help support your students! purchase the course, don’t wait!

Help Me Find My Voice

Let’s talk about the course in case you haven’t explored the details yet! If you’ve never heard about Help Me Find My Voice, now is the perfect time! The course is intentionally clear, straightforward, and very user-friendly. The course is for anyone that feels they need that boost of self-confidence in working with autistic students. It is rich with information about communication, behavior, inspiration, and tools to help you in your craft or as a parent or caregiver! Better yet, I will be there to support you along the way with monthly group coaching and don’t forget our exclusive Facebook community! The course is full of videos, and just tons of useful information. 

Help Me Find Your Voice is for all SLPs that are looking to ensure their students with autism are thriving in therapy. The course is comprehensive and gives information not only about helping in therapy with communication, but also about IEP planning and more! 

If you are interested in the course, now is the time because this BONUS won’t last long! Keep reading for some more insight into the bonus!

AAC Classroom Based Group Therapy Strategies Course BONUS!

Let’s get to the details of that BONUS. You may have been hesitant about putting in the time to a new course, but it is worth it and because the content is so valuable to your life and trade, you will find the time, and not to mention, this BONUS is so valuable! This is a limited time offer! You only have until February 2, 2022 to gain access so don’t wait! 

The BONUS AAC Classroom Based Group Therapy Strategies Course will be a great tool with a wealth of information. This course will be specifically for providers in group settings, in person, with students with varying individual needs with different goals on their IEPS. Of course the course will be specifically geared towards students using AAC. 

The multitude of IEP goals in one classroom can be extremely overwhelming! The goals are incredibly specific for each individual learner and that is tremendously important, but sometimes in group settings, meeting all the individual goals is challenging. Each student has their own IEP, their own goals, and some of our students use AAC, which sometimes, as you know, can be an added challenge in group settings. We want all of our students to be fully engaged and participating, especially our students that use AAC. 

This BONUS course is definitely going to help you with making sure you engage all students, especially those using AAC!  This will give you not only confidence, but tools to make sure your students with AAC are included all the time. It will also give you information on how to ensure participation with students with AAC in these group settings. 
Not only will you be taking an ASHA approved course with Help Me Find My Voice, have coaching, support, a wealth of information, ready-to-use activities, easy to follow modules, demonstration videos, and lots of resources to use right now, you will also be getting this irreplaceable bonus with even more information specific to those students with AAC. This is the time to take advantage of this all new bonus AAC Classroom Based Group Therapy Strategies and join the ABA community today!


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