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Earn ASHA CEUs while listening to the Autism Outreach Podcast

By Rosemarie Griffin

I don’t know about you but the one thing that makes my drive to and from work a bit more exciting is listening to podcasts! I started the Autism Outreach podcast in January and it has been such a joy to publish a weekly episode for you! Our focus with the podcast is sharing information related to autism and communication.

We have had on so many wonderful guests!! I focus on having people on the show who can talk to us about their professional or personal journey. If you haven’t done so already make sure that you tune in! You can click here and listen in right from our website.

If you want to listen in and earn ASHA CEUs you can do that too with select Autism Outreach Podcast Episodes. See more about our collaborative offering with Speech Pathology.Com.

We have episodes about supporting parents, working on literacy, being a self advocate and so much more!

Look what people are saying about the episodes:

“I loved hearing from the perspective of an autistic person!!”

“It was a conversation between two knowledgeable people that provided great insight on Apraxia and it’s characteristics.”

“It’s a dream that this podcast also offers CEUs! Very applicable and honest information about strategies.”

Make sure that you listen in wherever you LOVE to listen to podcasts and if you want to earn ASHA CEUs visit Speech and enter promo code AUTISM


    • Rosemarie Griffin

      thanks so much for tuning in!


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