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By Rosemarie Griffin

Did you know that ASHA now has a requirement that all providers get one CEU in ethics? Depending on your state – you may also need to get more than that! Beginning with certificate holders in the January 1, 2020–December 31, 2022 maintenance interval: Out of 30 required professional development hours for certification maintenance, at least 1 hour must be in ethics.

I know what you are thinking- ETHICS- BORING!!! But I am here to tell you that I have created a 2 hour ethics course that will not put you to sleep!! The title is: Ethics: An Overview Focusing On Social Media and Collaboration. It does fulfill the ethics requirement but I promise it is chock full of great resources that you can use in your everyday life as a speech therapist or audiologist.

In addition to highlights from the code, I also interview your fellow SLPs to discuss how they are applying the ethical guidelines into their daily practice!

We spend time in the course discussing ethics and social media. I don’t know if you feel the same, but it seems that there are some pretty unprofessional things that take place across all platforms but especially in Facebook Groups- eek. Understanding that we all have a digital footprint and what that means for us personally and professionally is discussed! I mean I have typed out a message many times and then just erased it- have you done this too!! Bravo to you- it means that you have practiced HALT – a great strategy we discuss in the course!

The course listed here is 2 hours- fulfills the ASHA requirement for ethics and is ASHA approved. So once you complete the course – we will report your participation to ASHA. It is on demand – so learn at a time that works for you!

Get your ethics course here!


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