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Help Your Students with Autism to Communicate

By Rosemarie Griffin
Communicate with Me eBook by Rose Griffin

When I first started in the field of speech pathology and applied behavioral analysis, I felt very overwhelmed when I worked with a little one who was pre-verbal or struggling to find a way to communicate with the world.

It can also be hard for new therapists, special education teachers, paraprofessionals and parents of children with autism and/or severe speech delays to understand ABA and speech therapy terms when a team begins to collaborate to help a nonverbal little one in preschool. 

To make your journey a little easier, I have created an eBook called Communicate With Me. It will help you understand more clearly what the terms mand, tact, echoic, and intraverbal mean, as well as how you can incorporate ABA activities into your therapy sessions, autism classrooms, and routines to help your students. 

Communicate with Me by Rose Griffin

Even though it can be a difficult task at times to help those who are nonverbal, it is so fulfilling to help them find their voices and achieve their goals. 

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  1. Malka

    Yes please send me the e-book as I am involving with children with ASD a lot. Thank you

  2. Shaheedah

    Yes please send me the ebook. Thank you

    • Rosemarie Griffin

      Just sent!

  3. Nikki

    I would like to receive a copy of the ebook.

    • Carol

      Have a Great Grandson who is non verbal autistic He is 7 now and his schooling has been minimized to 2 days a week 5 hours each day at aba school and 3 days at regular school!! I noticed he is losing most of what he learned in special school when he went 5days. I’m try to learn all I can to help him!

      • Rosemarie Griffin

        Hi! I am so sorry that you are noticing that- this has been such a hard time for our students. Please make sure to get on the list for our autism course- it is opening very soon and will be helpful:

      • Rosemarie Griffin

        Hi Carol! I am sorry to hear about your great grandson- sheesh COVID has been so hard on some students and districts. I hope that his school will open up soon.

  4. Jennifer

    A copy please 🙂

  5. Patsy

    I’d love a copy!

  6. Carol

    Thank you

  7. irum asim baig

    I am speech therapist and working with autistic children

  8. Cayte

    Yes please!

  9. Elena

    I want one to help me more with my nonverbal child at home. Thanks.

  10. Sara

    Thank you

  11. Sinqobile Moyo

    Yes please may l have the book to help my students i


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