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ABA SPEECH Courses and Sale

Episode #079: ABA SPEECH Courses and Sale

Are you looking for an ASHA and ACE approved CEU course? For the month of July, ABA Speech is offering a sale on Start Communicating Today AND Help Me Find My Voice. These courses provided researched backed tools and resources for assessments, IEPS, therapy strategies and more from toddler to school age students.

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Episode #038: How to Help Toddlers and Preschool-Aged Students with Autism Communicate

Start Communicating Today, is my new course for toddlers and preschool-aged students with Autism struggling with communication. It’s launching this week and I am detailing everything this new and exciting course will cover. Knowledge is power, so if you’re a parent or a professional who is wondering how to help the early learners in their life, this course is for you!

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