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Using Yoga in Speech Therapy

Episode #072: Using Yoga in Speech Therapy

Yoga is a practice tracing back thousands of years, SLPs Amy and Kim are the trained instructors of Talk Yoga who have adapted this beloved practice for speech therapy. These two friends have created modified poses called Articulation Poses, practice vocabulary and alliteration with body movement, and embed critical speech skills into their yoga practice. Their tips and ideas translate across all ages and support the engagement for students to get involved in a leisure skill that will last across the lifespan.

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Episode #062: Autism Early Intervention- Joint Attention

We’ve talked about building rapport and connection in therapy, and a wonderful and important way to do that is through joint attention. Today, I am sharing with you some of my favorite shared activities and ideas that you can use in your therapy. We talk about how to introduce joint attention activities, build goals, and even track data. I can’t wait for you to be able to put these to use in your therapy room!

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Episode #035: Play and Social Skills for Young Autistic Students

Many therapists, teachers, and parents are preparing to re-introduce their students to the face-to-face classroom for the first time since COVID. Students with Autism and other complex communication issues can struggle with peer-to-peer interaction in unstructured leisure time. I’m sharing how I modify popular group games to be accessible to these students to increase and facilitate shared group activity. It is my goal that with these tips you can help your students or children practice communication and leisure skills across all environments.

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