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Episode #067: A Late Diagnosis of Autism with Billy Mayfair

Billy Mayfair is a top professional golfer in the USA. He also happens to have received a late in life diagnosis of autism. In this episode, he shares his journey through life, what concerns led him to his diagnosis, and the support he’s found helpful now that he has more understanding.

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Episode #048: Communication and Independence For Young Autistic Adults with Dr. Lisa Audet

Do you have a young adult with autism in your life? When you’re their parent or provider, this interview with Dr. Lisa Audet is full of great information to set them up for success with communication and independence in both college and the workforce. Dr. Audet is a special education teacher, SLP, and Kent State professor with over 35 years of experience. She provides great information and insight on the needs of young autistic adults and what we can do to help!

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Episode #039: Autism and Supporting Parents- A Talk with Crystal Sanford

Parents are an important part of the team and are integral for a successful therapy process. Today, Crystal Sanford, SLP and Autism mom, joins me to discuss how she provides IEP advocacy and empowerment through her practice, Sanford Autism Consulting. Whether you’re a parent or professional, this episode is full of great information, tips, and ideas to set you off on the right track to attaining successful services for your child or student.

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