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Episode #063: Working With Students With Challenging Behavior with Kelle Rich

In this field, there are many acronyms and phrases thrown around. You may be thinking, what do these even mean? Today Kelle Rich, trailblazer in the field, shares her impressive body of work and some great tips on working with students whose problem behaviors may be barriers to their learning. We talk all about the what and why behind FBA and BIP, and what to do in your therapy room with these!

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Episode #059: 5 Proactive Behavior Strategies With Sasha Long of The Autism Helper

It is difficult as a therapist or professional to see students engaging in problem behaviors that become a barrier to their learning. Sasha Long of The Autism Helper joins me today to share her five favorite antecedent strategies for helping student behavior. This is a highly requested topic and there are some great tips packed into this episode.

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