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Addressing Social Skills with Dr. Ali Arena

Episode #081: Addressing Social Skills with Dr. Ali Arena

Whether you’re neurotypical or neurodivergent, social skills are important. Dr. Ali Area is a “connection creator”, SLP, and BCBA with great tips for therapists, parents, and professionals working with autistic individuals. We talk about normalizing social rejection, pre teaching realistic social situations, and even online dating! For autistic learners from young to adult social skills, mindset, regulation, and connection based communication can be refined to suit each individual’s lifestyle needs.

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Episode #070: Gratitude and Mindful Habits with Marie Muratalla

This time of year can be stressful and overwhelming for parents, providers, and others in our field. Marie Muratalla, creator of the Thanks More Gratitude Journal, joins me today to share about her journey finding balance between work and life as well as some amazing tips to shift your mindset and build daily gratitude practices.

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Episode #041: What Play Skills Should My Child Have and How Can I Help Them?

Are you wondering what play should look like for your baby or toddler? Kayla Chalko, from Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy, shares with me the benefits of play and connection. With a breakdown of play skill milestones of babies as young as 6 months up to 2 years of age, Kayla shares her insight on how parents and providers can support and encourage play.

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