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Using Yoga in Speech Therapy

Episode #072: Using Yoga in Speech Therapy

Yoga is a practice tracing back thousands of years, SLPs Amy and Kim are the trained instructors of Talk Yoga who have adapted this beloved practice for speech therapy. These two friends have created modified poses called Articulation Poses, practice vocabulary and alliteration with body movement, and embed critical speech skills into their yoga practice. Their tips and ideas translate across all ages and support the engagement for students to get involved in a leisure skill that will last across the lifespan.

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Episode #041: What Play Skills Should My Child Have and How Can I Help Them?

Are you wondering what play should look like for your baby or toddler? Kayla Chalko, from Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy, shares with me the benefits of play and connection. With a breakdown of play skill milestones of babies as young as 6 months up to 2 years of age, Kayla shares her insight on how parents and providers can support and encourage play.

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