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Episode #040: How Can I Help My Child with Expressive Language Delay?

Effective communication is the foundation of successful interactions. Ashley Scott, SLP-BCBA, shares some real and simple strategies to building expressive language with your child. We discuss language skills beyond the therapy room, what may be holding you and your child back, and the importance of independence in successful language.

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Episode #028: The Power of Language Samples For Assessment and Intervention – a talk with Marisha Mets

Today I chat with Marisha Mets, a school-based SLP and founder of the blog SLP Now. Marisha talks about the importance of using language samples to assess students with Autism in their natural environment. She shares the types of samples you can look for as well as many ideas and resources. Marisha highlights that function of language is the main goal and that language samples give the best snapshot to see right where your students are!

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