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How To Help Your Autistic Learners Go Beyond Basic Communication

Episode #089: How To Help Your Autistic Learners Go Beyond Basic Communication

Are your autistic learners struggling to break past basic communication skills? I’m launching a BRAND NEW course, Advance Language Learners, to help your students skyrocket their speech and language growth. Find out all the details and pricing on this special 5 hr ASHA and ACE approved course!

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Episode #084: Naturalistic Communication Training with Dr. Cindy Gevarter

Throughout your therapy sessions, you may be wondering what communication could erupt from a natural environment. Today Dr. Cindy Gevarter, BCBA-D, discusses great tips, recommendations, and real world opportunities for embedding naturalistic communication training in your next therapy session. We discuss assessment, planning, data collection, and so much more.

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Episode #064: SLP Services in an ABA Setting

Are you a new speech therapist in an ABA setting? Are you considering a position in a specialized setting? Today, I am sharing 15 tips and strategies for SLPs working in an ABA setting. I’m covering collaboration, coworker rapport, data collection, important questions, and so much more. If you love this episode and want more, ABA Speech has a lot to offer online for more in depth education on ABA and speech therapy.

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Episode #060: How To Help Autistic Learners with Apraxia?

Apraxia is a childhood motor speech dysfunction that present commonly in the autistic population. Dr. Jennifer Moore, SLP and co-owner of Brave Wings Therapy, specializes in autism and motor speech disorders. She shares great tips, insights, and modifications to provide the best assessments and treatment for autistic learners with apraxia while adhering to their unique needs and boundaries.

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Episode #028: The Power of Language Samples For Assessment and Intervention – a talk with Marisha Mets

Today I chat with Marisha Mets, a school-based SLP and founder of the blog SLP Now. Marisha talks about the importance of using language samples to assess students with Autism in their natural environment. She shares the types of samples you can look for as well as many ideas and resources. Marisha highlights that function of language is the main goal and that language samples give the best snapshot to see right where your students are!

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