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Episode #056: How To Help Parents Feel Supported On The IEP Team with Emily Estades

Parents are one of the most valuable members of a therapy team, they know the student better than anybody at the IEP table. My friend, Emily Estades, shares her perspective as an SLP and parent. In this interview she shares her journey from the different diagnoses her two children have and how she was inspired to become an SLP. She provides some great insight and tips for professionals to lead more parent inclusive IEP meetings.

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Episode #055: Is ABA Therapy Right For Your Autistic Child? with Rebecca Shellito

It seems now more than ever there is a mix of information about support for autistic information and ABA. Who do you trust? How do you know what’s right? In this interview with mother, wife, and nurse, Rebecca Shellito, we get a parents perspective on finding services after a diagnosis and the progress that can be made with ABA.

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