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Help Me Find My Voice – 2 Payments

$165.00 / month for 2 months

Presented by Rosemarie Griffin CCC/SLP BCBA


(Introductory Level, Professional Area)

Product Details

  • Help Me Find My Voice Course – 6+ Modules, 14 Videos, 16 Resources (valued at $497)
  • 6 Month access to the Private Facebook Group (valued at $197)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Rose (valued at $885)
  • Stress Free IEP Planning – Video Training and PDF Guide (valued at $197)
  • Lesson Planning Guide for Early Learns with Autism – PDF Guide (valued at $197)
  • ASHA approved course for 0.5 credits (Priceless)


Presented by: Rosemarie Griffin CCC/SLP BCBA

Bio: Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC/SLP BCBA, is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Product Developer. She divides her time between a public school and a private school for students with autism in Ohio. She is passionate about helping individuals with autism find their voice and become more independent communicators. This passion has driven her to create her own business where she provides ASHA approved courses, therapy materials and free resources for parents and professionals alike.

Presenter Disclosure: Rose Griffin is the founder of ABA SPEECH.

Non-financial: Rose is founder of “ABA Speech” website and blog.

Course Description: In this course, participants will learn the importance of using evidenced based and individualized instruction to help early learners with autism develop a way to communicate. Assessment, goal setting, specific intervention strategies, data collection and how to work with students with challenging behavior are discussed. Videos and handouts are used to illustrate these concepts.

Learner Outcomes:

Participants will be able to

  • define the operants mand, tact, echoic, intraverbal
  • state one robust assessment for student with complex communication needs
  • list 3 potential team members with whom they may collaborate
  • discuss at least 1 strategy for building therapeutic rapport with students
  • discriminate between well defined and vague goals
  • define items to consider when planning intervention
  • list 5 strategies to use when working on manding
  • discuss how to collect data when working on manding
  • define why work on manding is vital to helping students develop a response form
  • define antecedent, behavior and consequence
  • list the functions of behavior
  • define functional communication training
  • list the steps needed to assure systematic language instruction has been established
  • what labeling targets to address with early learners
  • describe the importance of working on multiple exemplars within the verbal operants
  • define the term generalization
  • give 3 examples of modified leisure activities for this age group
  • describe weekly and shared data sheets
  • describe how to use a task sheet to log intervention targets
  • define the term baseline and why it is important to note

Course Agenda

11:56 Welcome to the course

34:39 The basics of verbal behavior and assessment

51:10 The power of manding

40:00 Working with students with challenging behavior

112:38 Systematic Language Instruction

40:36 Data Collection and Organization

4:00 Summary

Login and logout times will be recorded and documented. To complete the course, view the webinar, take the quiz and survey (included in an email). When you complete all sections of the course, a form will populate asking if you would like your participation reported to ASHA. Fill this form out with the required information and your participation will be reported to ASHA. 

When you have completed these requirements a certificate will be available in your profile.  

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Visit or give us a call at 330-954-0170 if you have questions.

ABA SPEECH is committed to providing equal opportunities in accordance with all applicable laws. If you are in need of a disability-related accommodation, please contact