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Supporting Speech Therapy Carryover In The Summer

Episode #077: Supporting Speech Therapy Carryover In The Summer

Is your child home for summer? Are you worrying about how to keep up with therapy goals and get your learners the practice they need? Calonda Henry owner of Broad Horizons Speech Therapy joins me today to let parents know speech therapy carryover can be fun and easy! We talk about simple ideas and games that involve activities you are probably already doing that create low demand but effective practice for speech and language goals.

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Story Champs with Dr. Trina Spencer

Episode #076: Story Champs with Dr. Trina Spencer

Tuning in all the way from South Africa, Dr. Trina Spencer BCBA and Fulbright Scholar, joins me today to discuss her incredible work in the Autism field. Dr. Spencer shares all about her multi-tiered language instruction, Story Champs. As well as her free assessment, CUBED and all the many other resources she has available.

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Summer Speech Therapy Ideas

Episode #075: Summer Speech Therapy Ideas

School is drawing to a close for many families and that might also mean the end of school based therapy for the year. Summer is a great time to bring lightness, fun, and get outside for communication practice. Bridget of Speech Therapy Talk joins me today to share 11 easy, accessible, and affordable summer communication activities. Whether you’re an SLP supporting clients or a parent looking for ideas to continue practice at home, these ideas are sure to incorporate any skill goals and bring fun to your learner.

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Episode #074: AAC and Caregiver Coaching with Dr. David Rehfeld

So often, Speech Language Pathologists struggle to find the avenue to provide support to caregivers and one on one support staff when it comes to working with students with complex communication needs. Dr. Rehfeld, an assistant professor and dual certified SLP and BCBA is sharing all about Caregiver Coaching. A support system using Behavior Skills Training to teach and support the adults working closest and often with your learner using an AAC device.

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Foundational Skills For Young Autistic Learners - Where to start in therapy

Episode #073: Foundational Skills For Young Autistic Learners – Where to start in therapy

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by your intervention plans and not sure where to start? When working with non speaking students and younger autistic learners it can be difficult to understand what skills to start with especially when you haven’t gotten a clear picture from typical assessments and standardized testing. Today I am sharing with you what I have found over my 20 year SLP career to be the top 8 foundational skills to start with these learners right away!

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Using Yoga in Speech Therapy

Episode #072: Using Yoga in Speech Therapy

Yoga is a practice tracing back thousands of years, SLPs Amy and Kim are the trained instructors of Talk Yoga who have adapted this beloved practice for speech therapy. These two friends have created modified poses called Articulation Poses, practice vocabulary and alliteration with body movement, and embed critical speech skills into their yoga practice. Their tips and ideas translate across all ages and support the engagement for students to get involved in a leisure skill that will last across the lifespan.

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Episode #031: Parent Training and Speech Therapy with Nikki McRory

The family centered approach is a key component of therapy at Nikki McRory’s facilities, McRory Pediatric Services. Nikki is on the podcast today sharing how she uses a transdisciplinary approach for speech therapy. She tells us how she uses the Behavior Skills Training model in her facility to not only provide therapy for children but parent coaching as well!

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Episode #027: Early Intervention Tips- Embedding Language Into Everyday Routines with Kimberly Scanlon

Today I am talking with licensed and certified speech language pathologist, best selling author and parent, Kimberly Scanlon. Kimberley is a private practice, home based speech therapist who has a lot of insight on working with busy families. She shares with us some simple ideas on how to build early intervention and language strategies in your day to day life in a fun accessible way for toddlers.

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