Group Speech Therapy Session Telepractice




Helping Students Increase Their Social Skills- One Group At A Time 

Sessions are: 

Run by a certified speech language pathologist 

40 minutes in length 

Meet one time per week 

Are held virtually 

Offers a ratio of up to 5 students to one speech language pathologist 

Include a free 30 minute consult prior to the first group meeting 


Session One Will Run as Follows and Can Be Purchased as a Group of 3 Sessions: 

Social Group Level One ( Ages 5-8)- August 3,10,17: 9-9:45 am 

Social Group Level Two ( Ages 9-12) – August 5,12,19: 11-11:45 am 

Social Group Level Three ( Middle and High School ) – August 6,13,20: 2-2:45 pm 

Students will engage in cooperative group activities. Group will include a literacy based activity, work on conversation, turn taking and engaging with others during leisure activities. As students advance to level 2 and 3, current events and age appropriate topics will be discussed during group ( problem solving, vocational topics, etc…). 



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