How to Feel Confident Doing Push-In Therapy As a Speech Language Pathologist







Presented by: Felice Clark M.S. CCC-SLP

Bio: Felice is an ASHA certified Speech-Language- Pathologist and therapy resource creator. She currently works part-time in the school setting working with elementary-aged students. Felice is passionate about helping school-based SLPs feel confident managing their caseloads by providing practical ideas and resources to help them plan engaging therapy sessions.

Presenter Disclosure: Financial: Felice is paid a percentage of sales from this course. Felice is the owner of Felice Clark Speech Pathologist Inc.

Non-financial: Felice is the creator of the Dabbling Speechie Blog.

Content Disclosure: This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.

Course Description: This course will help speech-language pathologists learn more about the push-in therapy model. Collaborative service models, lesson planning, strategies for working with classroom staff and data collection will all be discussed. Videos and lectures will be used to teach these concepts. 

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Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify 2 types of collaborative service delivery models to use when serving students
  • Identify the essential components to use when planning a push-in lesson
  • List 3 ways to effectively collaborate with teachers and staff when providing push-in therapy
  • List 2 data collection methods for push-in therapy

Course Agenda

10:36 Introduction to Push-In Therapy Model

14:00 Barriers to Push-In Therapy

37:14 Collaborative Service Delivery Models

44:09 Benefits of Push-In Therapy

48:27 Data Collection

55:10 Lesson Plan Development

33:49 Push-In Therapy Strategies

57.21 Consultation and Coaching Push-In Model Strategies

Course Participation Requirements
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